Interview by the Representative of "HINDUABHIYAN.COM", Mr.Jitender Khurana
with the purpose of continuing to expand and disseminate the "TATri Seva" of Our TATri GuruMata ji in India!
Mister Jitender has affirmed that TATri must be Known and Recognized by all, in India and on the planet, 
mainly by its Natural and Simple complement with what is the Classic Sanatan Dharma. 

Entrevista realizada por el Representante del "HINDUABHIYAN.COM", Mister Jitender Khurana
con el propósito de seguir expandiendo y difundiendo el "TATri Seva" de Nuestra TATri GuruMata ji en India!
Mister Jitender ha afirmado que TATri debe ser Conocido y Reconocido por todos, en India y en el planeta, 
principalmente por su complemento Natural y Simple con lo que es el Sanatan Dharma Clásico.