"I was blessed to spend some time with Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi Maa in Kathmandu in March 2022, and few times we went to one of Her favourite places - the last ghat of Bagmati river.

A day before I had to leave, Mamaji spontaneously decided to have a walk in direction of Pashupatinath. At the entrance security greeted Mataji with “OM NAMO NARAYAN”, even if it’s more common to hear “Jay Shambo” at this place.

We kept walking, and soon there was a big Narayan in front of us, Mamaji screamed “OM NAMO NARAYAN” again and went in direction of Her favourite spot at Bagmati.

Like a few days ago, there was some clothes laying, She bent down to take it away and at this moment She exclaimed something and suddenly picked from the ground a black thing.

Me and Maha Cheli Beti Tara Devi were just a meter away, so Mamaji turned to us and showed that it was a huge in size and perfect in shape shaligram!!

It was so unbelievable for all of us to imagine, this place is not a secret hidden spot, it was just few steps away from the road where people walk each few minutes, this shaligram just could not lay there without catching attention!

While we were still amazed, Mamaji went into meditation, which lasted longer than usual and was also special, because all the animals from around came to receive a darshan, and one big monkey stayed on the other side of the river looking after Mamaji.

Later She shared with us, that She had a vision that this Shaligram appeared on the ghat the moment She stepped on it, opening like a flower. And that all Her life She wanted to have a shaligram, but had a certaince that God will give Himself to Her in this form, so She never bought it and had trust in this feeling.

While walking back we passed Narayan again, and Mamaji touched His feet with Shaligram, shining with so special glow on Her face.

Om Namo Narayanaya.

Aum Bagavate Trideviye Namaha.

No words can express gratitude for being there with Mamaji at this moment, witnessing a TATri miracle".