Words of our SATGURUMA JI about happiness:

TATri DevoteeThe feeling of happiness is something that comes and goes and you only have to accept it when it comes and let it go when it goes? WHAT PHILOSOPHY TO FOLLOW?

MATAJI: In TATri I always tell them:

It is to realize that even you are transiting a contenment or discontenment, both are temporary and serve as a learning tool if you are in perfect observation! The spirit beyond the projections of the mind, is unalterable in trascendent happiness for the simple fact of being able to inhabit this present moment where th Life chooses us as the way! As long as there is life, whether the mind likes it or not, I am a possibility! This is enough for the spirit!

So: it doesn't matter what philosophy you follow because everything that comes out and goes in through the senses: is illusion!

Big lie!

And The more we project on what we perceive, the MORE ILLUSION of the illusion!

So: what philosophy to follow?

The one that in the moments of crisis beyond crying, you can realize that you are life and that you are learning beyond you cannot see it NOW! But this certainly WITHOUT JUSTIFICATION, lives in your heart!

            ¡¡¡JAY HO TATri Mata SHREE Ki!!!