Dialogue with our SatguruMA ji in the group 

'TATri Vidya Mandir' 
on 12/31/2020, based on a wedding image 
from the last century:

TATri Devot@-1This real photo from the beginning of the last century... I found it impressive.
MATAJI: In this century it will be repeated MINIMALLY IN my son's Marriage.

The mind is impressed because due to their own frustrations in the face of the first bonds, they confuse independence with the dismissal of parents!

As if they were cysts that serve nothing more than to disturb the present moment.

They forget that they came from there and that they have arrive from their hands, whether they recognize or not, any achievement they can achieve! Since the little or much that they have been open to receive from them, it has been enough for them to earn a living wherever they have been able to walk.

The first resources are from the parents, even those who give you up for adoption.

TATri Devot@-2: - SO JUST Mamaji this reachs to me, at the precise moment!!!!! ❤ The photo is very interesting because He is with his wife and he respectfully takes her by the hand with TATri A-mor.

TATri Devot@-1: - Thank you, Guruji, my mind only saw a mother who did not like her son getting married, the expressions on their faces...

MATAJI: Naturally, we as children when we come across the differences between family thoughts, it is like we are strengthened and encapsulated with an ego of psychic protection, okay? to try to strengthen our wings and so, can find ourselves in our individuality, okay? Subjective, no? the sum of our internal aptitudes and everything we receive from the family environment, after this, when one is strengthened then flies, one begins, if he is opened, obviously, he does not enter the place of a victimizing child and does not end up dying like a victim child, because sometimes the mind to not take charge of observing enters that cycle of "I am the victim of my parents" as opposed to understanding that gained what had available and received only what was open to take charge of receiving, that's the truth. So if the son does not enter that circle, of justifying self-flagellation, it is as if he will realize, sooner or later for the mind that the most important thing has not been how much or what he has received from his family of origin but that he has done with what you have received. At that time, regardless of whether the mother is specifically hand in hand with a son in any achievement or with the father as well, in moments of an achievement in his life, no matter how much it is drawn or photographed for me, they are beyond in the hand, in the heart of each one of us, we may or may not realize this.

So, happy existence all of you and may this last day of this blessed year of 2020 be one of many to come.


There I see a mother indifferent to her own life. Beyond the marriage of his son.

She is unhappy. That it was a very marked characteristic of the society of the time of this photo. And she transmits to me the sadness of a WIDOW MOM! who Feels accompanying her child to start his journey on his own. But afraid that he no longer looks back to see her!

Only this!

...but the mind projects infinite forms according to its own experience and this is what we must be attentive to!

Did you see?

TATri Devot@-1: Thank you Guruji for always being and resignifying my life all the time. I love you and I'm sure many more years will come by your side... 

I love you very much.

MATAJI: It is and will be beyond my present body being here.

TATri Devot@-2: - Thank you Mamajiiii

It's to Re - mean permanently💓

Happy existence Mamajiii in your Superhuman Sacred life.

And what a joy to feel many years by your side, walking together.

MATAJI: Her expression is one of fear, uncertainty and unhappiness. But not because of the marriage!

In THAT TIME IF A MOTHER DID NOT WANT A MARRIAGE, the marriage would not happen at all! Look at the photo and you will realize everything I say! And for sure she is a widow!

TATri Devot@-2: - Yesss Mamaji.

A widow and he shakes her hand.

Re-meaning with You Mamaji, I feel tenderness.

MATAJI: And at that time, you saw that the children whose parents died, the eldest son, he has the attitude of an eldest son, or only one son, when the father died, they took the place of the father as the man of the house, so his attitude at that moment is that of the man of the house, observe the situation and see how much our mind projects, right? not understanding the reality of the other, the circumstances, what it feels inside and outside, how it is very strong, very strong!

TATri Devot@-2: Very strong.

Without my SATGuruma... with my mind I don't know where I would go.


TATri Devot@-3: - Uauuuuu Guruji !!!! It's TATri Great !!!! And so beautiful everything you transmit to us !!!!. I love you !!!!!!!

So many years to walk with You Lady Without Time !!!!

You are Eternity Itself Guruji !!!!

What a bless !!!!

TATri Treasure !!!!

Can it be transcribed so that it remains as you say?

TATri Devot@-2: Exactly, it is THE MOST.