TATri Devotee: Mataji, I know people who live in certain places that they consider sacred according to their beliefs and they say that if you don't live there, you waste your time ... it's like which also encapsulate God in a minimal circle. That's why I love TATri, before I was so close to any lie!

MATAJI: It is part of the path that leads you to the truth of your heart. 
Imagine my love... everything that comes out of our mouth or enters through the senses is the illusion itself manifests... only what is generated inside is what rescues us from the lie! 
There is no truth out there my love! 
There are expressions of the truth! That you should only carry what resonates IN YOUR HEART! 
Only in YOUR HEART! 

TATri Devotee: You take me to such a CERTAIN, UNIQUE, TRUE place ... And above all, GIVES me PEACE. No matter what it is. 
MATAJI: That's right, my love. Why? because what I'm trying to do is not deliver the truth from my own belief, because I Mataji, I live the truth internally. And I try that you. they can also live it internally. 
So I put into words the truth that I live internally, but not 
waiting for you follow my words, but you. can come into contact with the truth of their hearts, with what you. FEEL WHEN I TALK, WITH WHAT YOU. FEEL IN MY PRESENCE. With what you FEEL WITH THE LIFE THAT YOU RESIGNIFY after TATri. 
It is understood? THIS IS THE TRUTH. And not the words that come out of my mouth, but what resonates in their hearts. 
And if you can live this fully, no one can ever corrupt you or someone in your family.