(dialogue between Mataji and a TATri devotee from India)

TATri Devotee: So Ma: are you higher and more advanced than Ammachi; Mother Meera; Supreme Master Ching Hai;  Gurumayi Karunamayi; Oneness Blessing Amma; Dr, Pillai Dyan Yogi; Muktananda; Satchidananda? Have worked with all up to this point? Also Anandini Ma...

MATAJIAll vibrations are important and unique! I do not feel and I am not better than any embodied being! but I am aware of My function, and my function is Unique! and my function exists nothing more to complement everything that is born and dies! nothing more! we are all different and for these same differences, complementary! My consciousness is unique, no other living being possesses it! That does not make me better than anyone, it gives me the possibility of manifesting myself with perfect functionality in my process and human and divine function at the same time!

TATri Devotee: I was not implying or asking better; merely more expanded higher level etc... 
If you are... just to understand without judging or comparing to others etc.  

MATAJIYes. I talk about it. Differents levels by different function. 😉👌🏽🔆 

TATri Devotee: So you are beyond all these I mentioned ? 
Seems like you are. 

MATAJIThey are human with Espiritual knowledge! 
I am the Consciousness Of the Shakti Manifestation my son. Not comparative. And my only objectively point is to be an example of Being human with real identity! I don’t need to be or show to be God! Becouse I AM THAT! A God just go down in this reality to be human with all they fails and gifts! 
Can you feel it? 
Is more then words 
To much more 

TATri Devotee: Yes I know ! I was just confirming haha! 

MATAJIAnd nothing depends on me... just On the open heart that can come in front of me... they can receive or not what I AM. I just came to give whatever that each one can receive! Om TATri Om 

TATri Devotee: Yes!!

You are to much inspiration to me my son! 
To Much 

TATri Devotee: How? Lol.. 
Well I am so blessed ! No doubt. 

MATAJIBecause the needness Of answer of your soul and mind can inspire deep answer to so much devotees that can’t organise they mind and heart to ask. 

The genuine question has the same importance and value that the divine answer.