Word of Our SATGURUMA JI about her neurodegenerative process:

TATri DEVOTEE: Mataji, I have known that you are going though a neurodegenerative process and one of your eyes is almost blind among many other things... and I apologize for the form but my mind can not conceive such energetic incompatibility... I do not understand why such a bad karma... and for that reason I take the place to ask... I am very sorry for your condition! My mind is very confused!

If you are the divine incarnation as your close devotees say and some who claim to have witnessed miracles in your presence and/or only with the imposition of your energy, why you have suffered so many processes and illness?

Why do you have so many diseases?

MATAJI: (Laughs... and silence and Her infinite look precede Her answer)

Mi Beloved... (sigh of classic compassion in Mataji)

The truth is that the TATri Vidya that sustains me, never allowed me to feel sick. I transit in a sick body, it's true!

My question to your mind is:
Why does a divine spirit, the divine spirit that inhabits me, that inhabits you, that inhabits us, would descend to this human reality but, to live it with extreme perfection, including its all Kind of pains?

To NOT FEEL, would you need to incarnate?

How could I Be an example for humans, without human life?

... I do not know if you have enough experiential parameter to understand me beyond what your mind can undestand...

However, Beyond this...
I do not need big eyes, or different colors, or two eyes that see perfectly, because my spirit chooses these eyes as they are here and now!

I do not need a body without a neurological process and to be able to walk faster, or have no pain crisis or have a seemingly more beautiful body, because my spirit chooses this body as it is, here and now!

I do not need another tone of voice and to be able to speak more audibly to those who do not listen to me, because my spirit chooses these vocal cords and their possibilities as they are, here and now!

I'm not talking about not using all the possibilities to be better physically, I'm talking about feeling perfect beyond everything!

That is TATri, it is to feel perfect for your spiritual transcendence beyond being imperfect to all minds, including your own belief of need and perfection!

Use all The tangible possibilities being sure by the certainty that the best is in your divinity that transcends from the experiences lived sincerely in the sacredness of your Human Being here and now!

            ¡¡¡JAY HO TATri MATA SHREE Ki!!!