Words from our SatguruMA ji about our Responsibility for the Ecosystem:

(dialogue between Mataji and a TATri devotee)

TATri Devotee:

Om TATri Om Mataji🙏🏻✨
I hope you are well.
I wanted to consult you about something so that it clears up and clears my mind that causes me conflict. If I look at it from another point of view, everything can change.

When it is said that human beings have destroyed and continue destroying the ecosystem and all that. It is as if I put several monkeys inside a bazaar. Most likely they would make a mess and break everything... who is responsible? the monkey? Or the one who put them there...?

It seems that we are the doers when we do something 'bad'... when we do something 'good', God is the doer... It is about becoming more and more aware, yes, but just as you don't give a child an expensive toy if you know he can break it because he doesn't have that awareness yet, and when he gets older, you can give it to him.

And I feel that this way of thinking slows my pace, prevents me from moving forward. It also happens to me with all forms of pain... I am accepting them because it seems that it is the way to transcend... I have no other choice. There are people who never question anything. They just live, I can't be like that... I have 'the enemy' inside my head so to speak, the mind always puts me at dead ends.
Can you be certain through someone else? I will have to continue having 'experience' to be able to understand... and observe and nothing else... I am trying to do it... the fact of emptying myself of beliefs makes me feel freer... but in the meantime, I can't see clearly, I'm kind of blind. That's why I ask you Mamaji that you are the Light that guides me 🙏🏻
I feel as you say, that my spirit is going to look for you to ask for help 😱 !!!

MATAJI: Om TATri Om...
My Love... excellent concern... many have it for looking at the same... 😅...
It is natural love.
Likewise... unfortunately we are not Monkeys in our possibilities 😅.

And we are not in a bazaar (nothing is for sale or shown on an exhibition or belongs to others or is different from who we are as a body-mind) everything we see is part of us HAS NEVER BEEN SEPARATED. This is why I say that we enter into a SELF-destructive mechanism... we were never separated from the ECOSYSTEM... our body has BEEN developed together with it, as part of this...

We are not the doers (because the fruit of our action does not belong to us) NOTHING belongs to us but we are part of the whole that lived and still lives... on the other hand, we have been granted THE INTELLECT is a property that only humans have received to be able to take care of their environment and organize themselves... but we have allowed this property to possess us and make us believe that we are superior to the other living beings of the ecosystem to which we are part of to True Love them without conserving or possessing them... we should make use of what was necessary nothing more... only so that we grow as complementary beings of the ecosystem... and because of the ego in possession we have chosen to focus on the perishable and try to perpetuate the imperishable. Only this my love!

It's nothing as superficial as it seems, you see? It is much deeper!

Nobody has put us in a box... this body-mind has evolved and as spiritual beings we have chosen to go down to live in this Ecosystem... only that in a moment we come across the INTELLECT that gives you the ability to choose where you focus your attention... and we choose what is not necessary most of the time and here we find ourselves... contrary to cohabiting in an ecosystem and preserving it, we have tried to possess it egoically... nothing more... and we self-destruct! Monkeys would never be as stupid as us! We were idiotized by the very Tool that made us able to take care of ourselves ... only because we chose to focus on the perishable!

IN THE SAME WAY I AM HERE 👈🏽 WITH THE NECESSARY CONSCIOUSNESS TO BE THE EXAMPLE THAT YOU CAN OPEN TO RECEIVE... The most, as I said... it is a matter of time that we no longer survive! so more than looking for a single "guilty" for being so stupid to the point of putting "supposed Monkeys in a bazaar" (further from reality you could not have been) it is very important that you realize the possibility that you still have of observing yourself, be genuine with responsibility... there is no one else who chooses how to walk... life has given us the perfect path... we have created and create the barriers in the way out of ignorance. Everything today more than ever is how we go through it internally... look at my example, this is what I came to... however, if you do not really open up, you will only see pain, YOUR OWN PAINS or reality projections on all that I am and I represent in their lives... and not the overcoming and possibilities of moving forward that my life came to represent them! It is not the way (it is not the bazaar) it is how we transit it (it is the consciousness that you live it internally. WE ARE NOT A MONKEY, you have intellect).

You can / we can learn from the other if we sincerely observe... on the other hand if we do not learn... we will surely live ENOUGH TO LEARN... time is urgent for this planet that we have destroyed because we do not know how to manage the tools that have us been entrusted... but we are still here and can be rescued as humanity! For this we must overcome selfishness and evasion of responsibility that we have in creation that we are part of but do not belong to us!

TATri Devotee: Yes, it is very deep Mamaji.
Thanks to your being here, I can resignify many things and move on.

Thank you Mamaji !!! ✨💖🙏🏻💗