Words from our SatguruMA ji about Transcendent Emptiness Philosophy (TATri Vidya):

(dialogue between Mataji and a TATri devotee)

TATri Devotee: Mamaji, why don't you talk so much about the philosophy of Transcendent Emptiness now? 

MATAJI: Because Transcendent Emptiness is TATri Vidya.

I talk all the time 🤗 

TATri DevoteeYes. I understand.

MATAJI: Only today it is called TATri Vidya. The TATri philosophy is the same as Transcendent Emptiness. 

But I put it into words to the mind.

Only this my love. 

TATri DevoteeUnderstood Mamaji. Thanks.

MATAJI: I had to learn to put the indescribable into words so that the minds can surrender and allow themselves to permeate.

But if I would hold the most common language for rigid neoadvaita, very few could access. 

It would be like the "swearings".

TATri DevoteeI also loved it when you spoke like that. In that 4th episode of YouTube 'reportage'. I saw that before I met you and it blew me away...

MATAJI: For a time my expression was more abstract to the mind. But within the Advaitha Vedanta and neoadvaita today there are many people repeating the same thing even without living it just because it is 'cool'. 

And I felt like putting accessible words to the ordinary mind because they need it so much. 

TATri DevoteeYes, Mamaji. I felt so identified deep inside... a vibration that made me leave everything from before.

MATAJI: The others too but most of them are blind by the intellect. They only repeat without experience and those who cannot go beyond the word feel so diminished that they give up. 

But my mind and my senses work there. In transcendent emptiness. 

TATri DevoteeYes, Mamaji.

MATAJI: I keep talking about the same thing.

I just put a few more accessible words to ALL. 

Those who can see beyond the word will not allow themselves NOT TO SEE IT BY THE WORD.

And those who do not anything blocks them. 

It is nothing more important than this my love! 

Those who have been able to see and feel me if they are opened up will continue to seeing and feeling me. I keep talking about the same thing! Always! TATri Vidya and even TATri Psycho-Logic = TRANSCENDENT EMPTINESS.

It is not healthy for the mind the concept of strict Non-duality when the being cannot feel it beyond not understanding it! They get very frustrated! Oooor as I told you: they begin to repeat concepts of other intellectuals who neither SEE nor perceive it and they are blinding and desensitizing in mass.

It is very strong to see it! 

And when their lives get messed up: they end with the "non-duality in the ass".

TATri DevoteeI understand Mamaji... hahaha.

MATAJI: Because it's the last thing they can experience.

TATri DevoteYes.

MATAJI: I have already seen hundreds of cases So... it seems to me that I keep swearing 🙄 


From transcendent emptiness. 


TATri DevoteeI particularly think that it helps me not to forget who I am, even when something happens that is 'not pretty' for the mind. That all this is temporary and there is an ultimate end. When I meditate, sometimes I write things that I feel because if I don't, then I forget them and it is impossible to remember them again... it has happened to me many times. That is why I write them, Mamaji.

MATAJI: My Love, this only takes you away from what you should be NOW in this temporary duality... THE BEING YOU ARE NEVER FORGET! 


When the mind, for not accepting the path it must follow while it is comprehended as a living being, tries to deny the ongoing temporal duality, it only loses itself in the illusion of the illusion. And what you think you should "remember" only gets further!

There is no way to remember my love. 

The mind remembers. 

All memories are perishable and are permeated with projections of acquired beliefs. 


In reality, you only conceal more illusion.

Nothing else. 

And it doesn't take long for a belief of being IN UNIT to collide with the frustration of not being able to really live it! 


Because you are already this! 

We all are. 

If we needed to remember what we are, the whole would not choose the temporary "oblivion"! 

Take this into account my love! 

You have to go through the forgetfulness of this illusion only, holding the certainty that it is temporary! Then what you are / what we are, manifests itself...

 Jai ho

TATri DevoteeSo I don't have to meditate anymore, (because I do it as a way of escape) and live like a human being feeling all the time... that's it? 

MATAJI: One thing has nothing to do with the other. It seems that you still have a lot of illusion about what meditating is. Meditation in practice is nothing more than a temporary and perishable Psycho-physical tool that helps you lower mental revolutions and as a consequence all this dialogue confuses you when you practice it sincerely without looking for any answers or phrases that you do not live. 

Meditative attitude is necessary.

And it is not for you to seek to escape from your human nature, but to decompress energetically to be able to continue walking in it.

Nothing more my love.

TATri Devotee: I understand Mamaji. Yes, I seek to escape in all possible ways, hahahaha 

MATAJI: The maha samadhi is represented by the death of the physical body in this illusion And the less dialogue you hold in the mind with the Daily Meditative Practice (mental meditative attitude) beyond sitting to meditate, the fewer beliefs you will have to encapsulate you here. And you can follow your path of death to life faster. And in each incarnation, the less dialogue you hold at the moment of death, everything becomes less dense and faster. 

Of course and because of this you get more and more confused.

And what you feel is that the more you try to meditate, the less you do. 

For this my love.

Because you want to run away.

And it's not about this.

It's the opposite.

It is to empty yourself of belief and fill yourself with experience by continuing to walk. 

Transiting duality without allowing yourself to be encapsulated by it. 

And rejecting it is a trap of the Ego 

Since what you are is never forgotten It is here and now always. 

TATri DevoteeThank you Mamaji. All of this is super enlightening for me. Your example is also very important. 


Om TATri Om