Words of our SatgurujiMAA about Herself (text taken from a replied statement by Mataji given in January, 2017):

“Om Premastu Sanatan Ki Jai Ho

May all always be for honor and Glory of our Supreme God… Cosmos… WHATEVER IT IS what inhabits the bastidors of this beautiful posibility of trascendence which Is life beyond form that facts appear.

You can see God through my face and I go back to him, through you… You are not separated from what I Am… I take you with me… Without exception.

 I am not the doer … The only thing I do is to fullfil my function which is let mind surrender to neverending and continuous service, feeling my heart Beating onesound form, with the certainty of the heart strengh which we call God, but which is imposible to bring down to this world in limited words...

IT IS all and everything which Is through me and which it is generated beyond my belief of will... In front of any fake thing my beloves... as you know, I am not afraid of sticks and flowers do not buy me...  I have already lived enough to contemplate rigid sticks, being carried away by softness of water...  and flowers fading in its belief of allegoric captivety...

I have already felt the pain of sharp spines from beautiful and nice smelling flowers... I have already sustained myself and felt the embrace of tortuose and bad smelling trunks... 

I have already felt the loyal touch of a creepy snake... AND AT THE SAME TIME, the depth of the pray of an aparent friend...

Flowers do not buy me... sticks do not make me feel fear... I just can contemplate posibility of trascendence… feeling the step internally without taken care or being worried of the inevitable and finite karmik print... as product of life lived.

I am.           

We all are.                            



There is no single soul On this earth which evolves alone.                      

Evolution is collective... Without option.

I love you... And when I feel muy steps... I feel your open hearts sostaining them in a blindage of devotional and deep love which goes beyond me and you...

This is all I am… Without pretending… In front of everything that our limited mind can believe it may put in words.

Om Bagavate Bhagavan Vasudeva ki jai ho.

Om Premastu Sanatan Ki Jai Ho

Me... your servant… without option… Today even having it… I would choose live these same steps...

Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi MAA".