Words of our SATGURUMA JI about Destiny and Free Will:

TATri DEVOTEE: Mataji, ¿what would Fate and The Free Will be like from TATri Vidya?   

MATAJI: If you want to know about free will: start by learning where you focus your attention. Start there!

Then everything else is the illusion itself!

And the destination?
It is collective!

There is not an individual destiny!

Destiny is the evolution of all souls sooner or later for the mind.

And the free will consists in where you focus your attention, nothing more! If you are not aware of this and allow yourself to be governed by the impulses of the mechanisms that imprison and encapsulate you, you are very far from choosing something REALLY!

Sincere observation is the only way beyond form!

And the only thing that belongs to you is WHERE YOU FOCUS your attention my love!

Then you learn ... if you are in honest observation! Of what?
Of your emotions and sensations! 

Nothing else!

Om TATri Om