Words of Our SATGURUMA JI about the ego:

TATri DEVOTEE: Mataji, if I have an Ego, but it is spiritual. How can I work on it to detect what is Ego from what something I have which is spiritual?
MATAJI: Om TATri Om beloved, according to TATri Vidya which I am and Live, everything that we manifest out from senses IS EGO!

The point is not that it must be not ego, but you shouldn't let possess yourself by the belief of being which implies the manifestation!

Ego in MANIFESTATION knows that it is part of an illusion and accepts all realities as subjective and inner posibilities as product of each lived experience.

There is no way of being more or less spiritual because we already are divine spirits which only need TO BE HUMAN!

The most sacred thing in this illusion is to be human my love!

Just live genuine mind and heart and make yourself responsable of the consequences of what you generate being! If you can not make yourself resonsable, observe and wait at the present moment, the sufficient pulse of responsable action will come!

Om TATi Om.

           ¡¡¡JAY HO TATri MATA SHREE Ki!!!