Words of our SatguruMA ji about Jesus 'the Christ':

If you remember the story of Jesus, the Christ... you can see that, in his time... many were looking for the supernatural experience in different forms of gods... and the supernatural that made their hearts beat, walked on earth and almost no one could really see him, for his simplicity...

Not to mention that his word at that time, sounded controversial in front of the pseudospiritual doctrines of the time!

He said... I am the path... the truth and the life... and no one has understood that his greatest power was to be an example of faith and devotion, as a sacred human being of the supreme God, who lived Him.

God does not need anything... however, minimally, He/She expects his creatures to survive the ignorance of the egoic mind that makes them lose themselves and feel separated from the divinity that has generated them and lives them from within!