Words of our SATGURUMA JI about the KARMA:

TATri DEVOTEE: Mataji, If I am NOT ‘the doer’, why do I have to take care of the karma I generate? It would be because when my ego is in manifestation I do NOT generate karma and when my ego is in possession believing itself the creator of my acts, I do generate karma, Mamaji?

MATAJIOm TATri Om, my love. It is like this: both the manifesting ego and the possessing ego both generate karma. Karma is neither good nor bad, it is the product of your action. In other words, it is the response to your action in this illusion.

We are not the doers, really, because the product of our action does not belong to us. Because, whatever we do, we believe we do whatever, or build whatever, the product of our action does not depend on us. We will receive from life only what we need to continue growing. And that is not always correlative with what our mind projects. So I always say that we are not the doers.

It is not that we cannot generate karma or that we do not have to be responsible for our karma. In this world of action, we are responsible for everything we generate. And divinity has incarnated in human nature for that, to live it emotionally and feel the weight of human action, the answer.

But, obviously, always, always, we will receive in response to our action what we need and not what we expect from them. That is all my love.

And for all that, it is that I always tell them: we human beings, the incarnated divinities with or without awareness of that fact, all we have to do is exhaust all tangible possibilities to our minds and then rest, be at peace . Because anything that generates our action, or that is in response to our action, does not depend on us. And it will only depend on us exhausting the possibilities. What possibilities? the intrinsic possibilities to each of us. Not someone else's possibility, but ours. What we can respond with our own internal resources. That's what I mean.

The mind in this case does not have to try to create reference with previous knowledge, because it is not reference. TATri did not come to create reference with other things. TATri came to resignify and complement, if it is the case, right ?, if there is a way to complement. But more *to* resignify, than anything else. So if the mind tries to look for reference in the previous knowledge, it is like it is going to get confused. Because everything is new and old at the same time. Old Why? Because when you listen to it, there is something inside you that says it is so, beyond that your mind does not know how logically you have come to that. But you feel that it is so. That's the truth. Do you understand, love?

And keep in mind, love, that 90% or more of the devotees who follow me and my philosophy, my TATri Vida and Vidya, follow me because of that sound, more than what the mind can specifically understand. They follow me by that sound beyond what they can understand mentally. That sound is what moves your heart and step by my side, nothing more. The sound of feeling, of feeling that it is so and you do not know how to get there or how you got there yet, but you know it is so and that moves your path. It is the most important.

And imagine something else, that for me, beyond the consciousness that I have, that inhabits me, that IS in me beyond the form of my human being itself, imagine that there are many things that I can contemplate that are impossible put their minds into understandable words. That it is much more valid that you cling to that feeling to that sound that it generates within that is so, than to specific words. Because any word that I can put, depending on each one who hears or sees them, can have a different denotation, can have a different connotation. So keep that in mind, that the most important thing I am talking about is not what I am talking about. It is what you feel when I speak. Always.

Om TATri Om