Words of our SATGURUMA JI about legal abortion:

TATri Devotee: Mataji, the legalization of abortion is being discussed in our country these days. What is your opinion about it?

MATAJIMy love, voluntary abortion is a matter of conscience and spiritual need from both. NEVER HAVE TO BE JUDGED!

What I will never be in favor of is: I Mataji would not abort voluntarily, so it does not seem fair to me either that an abortion followed by a voluntary sexual act between two adults, be paid for my contributions to the state! Because this is what happens! When such a law is passed! They all end up ACCOMPLICES of the Death of a creature! Where, in this case, it should be nothing more than the ones who HAVE CHOSEN TO HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITHOUT TAKING THE PROPERLY CARE NOT TO CONCEIVE IT!

To this I aim!

Then: each one takes charge of what he/she generates with his/her freedom of being with or without conscience!

Beyond this: those who are indirect accomplices (only because they live under this constitution but have not voted for it) do not share karma! THOSE WHO VOTED: THEY DO!

And biological life begins with fertilization and Spiritual life with implantation.

FOR THIS I MATAJI AM IN FAVOR OF THE PILL OF THE DAY AFTER! Since there is no implantation, THERE IS NO KARMA! But the ideal is that in the ovulation period, that those who do not want to conceive, have not a sexual relationship!

Each one burns and builds his own karma with his possibility of consciousness MATAJI: This is the reality.

And we can only be example nothing more.

The more education we can give as example to our children, the less they are going to need to be part of fashionable social movements just to feel Cool or accepted! Or part of something! It is the example actually. So you have to be under observation! Less empty words and more conscious action with more FAIR Love and less judgment!

Above all: RESPECT!

            ¡¡¡JAY HO TATri MATA SHREE Ki!!!