Words of our SATGURUMA JI about money:


TATri Says: If you earn millions and spend millions on things that only have a price and no value, you are still a miserable!. 

The thing is not the money (or all it can buy), but THAT YOU DON'T HAVE A PRICE! Don't sell yourself! Don't let the money or any compliment buy you!

Also what you do with the money you generate is the most important thing than money itself!

 Observe and judge less!

Be fair!

Stop repeating so many empty words that you don't even live them sincerely!

            ¡¡¡JAY HO TATri Mata SHREE Ki!!!

TATri Blessed Satsang of our SatguruMAji about the money:
(TAKEN FROM: "MONEY AND Spirituality" 💸💲 || FROM THE TATri VIDYA with MATAJI ❤)
Broadcast of the day: 16-08-2020

…What do I say, Mataji, about what money is? What is money for? Let's see? TATri devotees, what is money for? For what only thing is money good for? Beyond energy, exactly, money is energy and serves to materialize the human will, the belief of necessity, or of necessity itself.

 The real human need is when what you project as a need is in resonance with the spiritual longing, with what your soul craves to achieve in this psychophysical reality. 

So, when you need to achieve something that your mind believes is necessary and is in accordance with your soul, that is perfect for your path but when you impose to achieve something that is not according to the need or spiritual desire, that delays your steps as much as apparently, it seems that you are fine that you are at the top, that you are at the top of the world in whatever, but it slows the step down. When the mind imposes concrete things that the soul does not crave, suffering comes in the short, middle, or in the long term, so take that into account. 'But Mataji, but money is something one has to get rid of...!'. Look what I'm going to tell you: that's what the mind believes. 

Money is a "materialized energy" that was very useful at the time of exchange, a long time ago our humanity lived on the exchange of manufactures and raw materials, that is, what we plant that today many naturist communities try to do the same. That is not bad, that is, I exchange what I have leftover, what I have or what I plant, for what they have, for example: I have excess of onion and change with those who plant tomatoes. That exchange is not from Now, that idea of exchange, that comes from before, but what happened there? Let's say that person who plants onion or tomato has caught a plague and was left without a plantation to exchange, he was left without exchange material.  How does he go about acquiring his food, if he has no material? so what have they done with it? they have created a way for that matter to be concrete, uniquely and accessible to everyone, that was the initial idea. Obviously because of the psychosis or the neurosis of humanity, However the people have sought, is to accumulate that matter that concretize with fear that it lacks, even today and already long ago those who are more greedy have gathered much more than they may think they need.

I clarify something for you, I am not a capitalist, I am not a communist, I am not a socialist, I am TATri, TATri embraces all those social ideas with the reading with which I add myself to whatever is resonant with my reality, with my mind, at what that it makes me feel at peace when I experience it, it is not a question of not being part of the current technology having the last generation device, for example, if one uses it. So that? 

It is not what you are, the amount of money that you have or do not have, it is not the money, it is what you do with it, the money is not good, the money is not bad, the money is the money and it only serves to the materialization of the human will, there is no other purpose for money, and the human will that is mainly compatible with spiritual longing, when you see that a person tries to buy this, buy that, buy that other, that because society imposed by the idea of the capitalist system itself that bombards you to consume and you agree to that, you surrender to that. What happens there? You suffer because you end up feeling empty, you think that you are going to have satisfaction acquiring something that takes seconds or minutes, that satisfaction comes, uh? but they are very temporary and then this no longer serves you, that no longer fills you and you realize that you are still empty. Why? because you have supported your happiness on something very temporary and disposable, beyond that reality that is all temporary and disposable, but one has to focus on what is transcendent to that reality...