Words of our SATGURUMA JI about the Truth:

TATri DevoteeQuoting a poem by Rumi: 
"The truth was a mirror in the hands of God. 
The mirror fell down and broke into many pieces. 
Each one took a piece. 
Each one looks at his piece. 
And so each one believes they have the truth".

Om TATri Om Guruji, in TATri what would it be like or what would be added?

MATAJIThe truth is not and was not a mirror The truth is a universe of intangible possibilities for the limited human mind! However, love, it is an excellent metaphor for the mind to surrender to understand with the emotional and poetic!

In TATri: IT DOESN'T MATTER “THE TRUTH” THAT YOU CHOOSE TO FOLLOW! But that this truth is the one that connects you with the transcendent happiness and the genuine being with responsibility about what you generate being! Freedom of being, being responsible! This truth for Me, Mataji, I have never lived it in any other place than in TATri! Om TATri Om. 

There is much poetry and little reality scattered around the world to blind minds that do not want to see!

            ¡¡¡JAY HO TATri Mata SHREE Ki!!!