Words of our SATGURUMA JI about Devotional Love:

All my devotees love me romantically and in all areas. This is the truth.

But it is a sacred romance. Without needing anything else to love. This is how I live it devotion.

TATri Devotee: Yes, it is something transcendental... it has nothing to do with human affections...

Human affections are sacred.

But it is this, it is transcendent to what we perceive with the human senses.

This is.

Devotional divine ecstasy overflows in the heart.

It is very beautiful. 

TATri Devotee: I thought that human affections are always tinged with some kind of selfishness.

Imagine love, if being human is the most sacred thing in this illusion... your affections... are part of this sacred human being. They are not separate. Emotions are given by the ego. Whether in possession or manifestation. So through them we learn about this human reality. Affections make us sacred humans Is it understood heart?

Because they are the conclusion of emotions. And not all affections are about possession.

You can feel affection without possession. 

TATri Devotee: No, that of a mother for her child, I feel it as the purest. Without trying to possess. 

The "maternal LOVE" (characterized by preserving without trying to possess) can sprout beyond the condition of mother and physical child, all human beings, whether or not they have engendered a child, can manifest it. This is the spiritually proposed love. By and towards all creatures. And unfortunately having given birth or begotten a child does not make a heart have this love in consciousness in many cases! 

TATri Devotee: It's true. 

Most minds get confused in the development of family bond.

TATri Devotee: Yes, Mamaji. 

The same is so: DIVINE love IS SIMILAR TO WHICH WE RECOGNIZE AS THE maternal one! But not all mothers have this love in consciousness. Beyond this, it is available to all living beings who make use of reason... 

The consciousness of this True Love.

Om TATri Om